Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Asian girls can often feel threatened

Many men find sexy Asian girls attractive however Asian girls can often feel threatened or intimidated by men from other cultures and as a result can come across as pretentious or seem 'stuck up'. In general Asian girls are not accustomed to men that are more outgoing, bigger and louder than Asian men. Also the obvious cultural and language barriers can make it difficult for Asian women to be receptive to guys from other cultures.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Exotic beautiful look Asian Girls

Becoming familiar and knowing as much as you can about the hot Asian women you desire is the first step in the attraction process. A good opening technique to use is to say something like "you have a very unique, exotic beautiful look, do you mind me asking what is your background" this will prompt her to talk about something she will be passionate about, herself. Most women loved to be appreciated for their uniqueness especially Asian women. A riskier move is to take a guess at what her background is, get it right and she will be really impressed but if you get it wrong she may be curious about your intentions.